It’s Brent!

There’s a place in my neighbourhood not far from me where as you walk up the street that seems to go uphill slightly, when you get to the top you will be astonished by the view.

A sweeping view of Brent from High Meadow Crescent, Kingsbury NW9.
(Taken almost exactly three years ago today.)

There’s a guy who lives in East london who has a jam jar with 33 folded-up bits of paper in it. Each bit of paper has the name of a London Borough written on it. And each month (amongst much, much more great stuff on his blog pages) he pulls one out at random and visits that borough and writes about it. But he’s done it 15 times already. So there are only 18 boroughs left. Until yesterday that is; he pulled out Brent! (Which is mine!) That guy is Diamond Geezer. Check out his mini-review of the London Borough of Brent.

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