(Taken with cameraphone at a crossing outside Morrisons supermarket, Queensbury, London NW9.)

Think about the step-change you need. Stop. Stop thinking about the useless stuff. Like what to cook for dinner tonight, or what to do with all the clutter that’s building up on your Facebook profile. Or what’s going to happen next in the book that you’re reading. Stop worrying about the guy who jumped a red at the traffic lights outside Tesco in Slough, or when you’re going to get round to tippexing your house number on the front of the wheelie-bin. Worry about where you’re going next, and what you’re gonna do if you don’t sort out that BIG STUFF that’s been niggling at the back of your mind. Because it’s not longer at the back, it’s at the front. And soon you’re going to be losing sleep over it. You don’t need this. But it’ll remain there. It has a legitimate leave to remain. An indefinite entry-visa. Unless you do something about it.

Words have always been a romantic preoccupation of yours, speaking far louder than your actions ever could. But it’s time to face the truth: There were many times in your life when you left it to fate and you got lucky with the consequences, but you’ve been lucky far too long, and one day it’ll come back and bite really hard. Actually, it already has, but you’re in denial. No more. Do something. Think about it.

And take care crossing the road whilst you’re at it. A good citizen waits for The Green Man.

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