London Transport Museum

If you haven’t visited the new London Transport Museum yet then you might want to; it’s an excellent place to while away a Sunday afternoon. I did exactly that this weekend just gone, courtesy of a few very sociable fellow flickrites who gathered there to browse and take pics and generally just share the experience. Whilst most turned up with some serious photographic gear, I turned up with my mobile phone and snapped away as usual. Click on the green button in the Shockwave Flash image below to load a musical montage of some of the low-fidelity pictures I took and uploaded whilst there.

London Transport Museum, Covent Garden, London.
(All pictures taken with my cameraphone.)

Click the same green button to advance through the pics. The musical accompaniment is an infectiously bubbly track called “Deewana” by Alyssia featuring Dee and the Punjabi Hit Squad, which is itself a real hit on the London urban desi scene at the moment. (Punjabi Hit Squad are THE pioneers of urban Asian/Western fusion beat) Turn up the volume, tap your feet and enjoy!

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