Car Park Ramp

It’s been a while since my last update here. Busy busy. In the meantime I discovered that Flickr now does video! And I’m actually getting the hang of it. At first I was a bit hesitant at the idea; I mean: why try to compete with YouTube etc. but now I’m beginning to realise the genius of it: a) max 90 second clips: b) perfectly integrated with the way in which stills are handled; c) email upload mechanism preserved for us cameraphone junkies – the net result is that you won’t get pirated videos or user-generated karaoke-diatribe there; instead you’re more likely to get stuff that complements stills very well; and more likely to get cameraphone footage: which, of course is all about real life. We love real ife!

Sometimes I have to drive to work instead of taking the buses and trains. If I do this, I have to park in a multi-storey shoppers car park in Slough near my office. The drive up the ramp can seem boring and mundane, but there is something quite exhilerating about it. You get a slight feeling of power as you hit the gas to get to the top and then command the barrier to raise:

Driving up the ramp into a multi-storey car park in Slough.
(Taken with my cameraphone of course.)

For those new to Flickr, you can get an insight into the Route 79 Flickr lifestyle here.

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