MP3 Dreaming

My mobile phone plays MP3s. Drifting off into daydreams staring at the nothingness of the Metropolitan Line on standing-room-only commutes into London town.

Wars on terror, mayoral elections, missing toddlers.

The headlines on the front pages burden upon the soul when haunted by music so sad and so loud in your personal space. But staring at the ordinary can often become extraordinarily and hauntingly beautiful when doing so.

Lost in music staring at the nothingness of London commuting.
(Taken with my cameraphone on the Metropolitan Line towards Baker Street.)

Click on the green button below and while it’s loading (be patient; it’s a high quality MP3 but should only take a couple of mins on broadband) put your headphones on and when it’s loaded turn up the volume really loud and click the “play” button and stare intently into the picture; focussing on infinity.

Music is the beautiful voice of Alyssia singing “Tera Pyar” (“Your love”) produced by London’s own Punjabi Hit Squad. This track has dominated the desi music charts in London last couple of months. Enjoy.

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