God and football. Both considered important enough for the Highways Agency to place brown tourist signs guiding visitors to them. This sign has has just been put up though. This pic (proudly) taken from the back seat of the upper deck of a (very intact) London bus cruising the (very free) streets of the North West (defiant) London. I have to say that I am quite approving of the design of the logos used on the sign.

Two temples. Two places of worship. But they forgot about IKEA.
(On the Hanger Lane Gyratory at the junction of the eastbound North Circular Road)

For those of you who live in London and haven’t seen Neasden Temple – I would definitely recommend a visit. It is quite spectacular – and many have referred to it as a “wonder of world” type thing. (It’s only a short walk from temple IKEA.)

As for Wembley Stadium – well that’s still under construction – so there’s nothing to visit there yet – but you can get a feel for the shape of the stadium from this pic I took from the top of a hill in my neighbourood – or this one taken at night from the top deck of a bus when the arch was lit up.

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