West London Mix

A trip to Southall – West London for some lunchtime “chaat“. This is North Indian snacking at it’s most sweet-and-sourest finest! And there’s no better place that Southall to sample, what in my opinion, is the best chaat in the UK.

Southall Broadway on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

I took this lunch-trip opportunity to collect together some junky moving images of multi-cultural suburban London – sometimes in it’s most unglamorous forms (let’s face it the world must be fed up of cute “tourist” images by now – come and see the real London) – which you can download by doing a RIGHT-CLICK and “SAVE TARGET AS” on the “Windows Media” icon below:

Download the video file on the left to your computer by doing a “right click” and “Save Target As” to a folder of your choice.

It’s a junky (cutting-room-floor-style) music-video of just 2 minutes 43 seconds in duration (about 6.7 megabytes in total) – which captures some random footage of my neighbourhood: Kingsbury High Street – and then some of our car journey to Southall in West London via Greenford – finishing off arbritarily with some of my hazy view out of the top deck of Route 79 bus on the way home up the Ealing Road in Wembley. It should only take a few minutes to download if you are on a high-speed Internet connection – but please note: it is NOT for streaming: you should download the WMV (Windows Media Video) using “right-click and Save Target as” – as a file – to a folder of your choice – and then double-click on it when it has finished downloading.

The music is by Rishi Rich (featuring Juggy D and Veronica) – the song being “Kuriya Aajana (Come one girl!)” – which is a catchy, contemporary Indian-ethnic tune of the UK-homegrown British-Asian Punjabi-R&B fusion style. Turn it up loud for maximum enjoyment. Hope you enjoy it!

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