Nous avons été à Paris !

Excuses pour le retarder en répondant ici. Nous avons été des vacances à Paris ! Some serious R&R was had whilst away.

Route 79 has been on vacation in Paris!
(Apologies for the lack of updates recently. Plenty to catch up on soon!)

On my return I attended a “UK Indian Bloggers” meeting this weekend, organised by the famous Chakra, and attended by some equally famous (or infamous) Indian bloggers on active service here in UK. And a lot of fun it was too!

Many special thanks to: Anand K, Anand V, Chakra, Guru, Praveen, Neha, Radhika, Renga, Subhashree & 18-month old Sriram.

We met for lunch, gossip and general chit-chat at a South Indian restaurant called Sagar in Hammersmith – which was just as well – as most of the attendees were “Southies”. Being the only “Northie” there, I was totally outnumbered and tried hard to make out some of the impromptu breakout into Tamil conversation! 🙂 But, nevertheless, I very much enjoyed the company – and, as is usual with these events, made a good few friends along the way.

Chakra’s Graffiti: Zindabaad!
(Those dosas look really tasty!)

A thoroughly enjoyable day!

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