Uptown Munich

Ever since coming back from Paris – I have spent most of my days in Slough – and not enough time in London. Actually – since I live in London – this cannot be true. But I’ve not been using my quality cam nearly enough (mobile phone camera doesn’t really count) – so I have relatively few images of London to share here. But I did spend a day or so in Munich last week … (again)

Uptown Munich” tower – completed 2004. Still empty.
(But it looks really impressive though)

This is an upward-viewing picture of the tallest building in Munich. Actually – it’s the tallest building in the whole of Bavaria. At 146 metres, 38 floors – and a slick, greenish glass finish – it does look rather impressive. It was completed last year – and stands in an office location called “Uptown Munich” in the OlympiaPark district.

The sad thing is that it’s empty. As in unnocupied. That’s according to my taxi-driver anyway. Since our Munich office is located right next to it – I took a stroll in the ferocious sunshine (28 and rising) to check it out closer up – and it sure did look empty. Just a few maintenance types watering the plants in the ground floor lobby. It seems that the slump in the German economy lately has meant that there are no takers for the office space – and the building has become a bit of political talking point recently. One interesting (and possibly fictional) factoid from the taxi-driver was a story about the only offer to occupy the building coming from a famous “madame” of Munich – who wanted to take the very top floor and create a “Gentlemans Club” (strip joint) up there. Apparently – the planning permission was refused. And so this really smart building remains empty.

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