There’s been too much news about tragedy in the last 12 months. Tsunami, hurricanes, famines and, more recently: earthquake. Much of them too far away for me to experience first-hand – but most of them only a few clicks away to learn and be horrified about. That’s the Internet for you.

Fragile world. Small. Fragile places.

And fragile societies. It’s hard to forget the suicide bombings closer to home that triggered my postings of 7th July – and the week after the alleged attempted bombings of 21st July.

Which brings me to Rachel.

Rachel is a Londoner. A survivor of the 7th July bomb on the Piccadilly Line at Kings Cross. She has a blog – which details her experiences of that fateful day – and also her stories of getting to grips and coping with life afterwards.

Although her most recent posting refers to my own (semi-satirical, but very real) experience of life travelling the transport systems of London in the weeks following the bombings – her own stories of life travelling the tube and meeting up with others who were caught up in the bombings are extremely fascinating and insightful. Sometimes depressing. But they bring about another dimension to the whole thing. A must read.

As Annie Mole said on her own blog: thank you Rachel for sharing it with us.

Piccadilly Line tube – blown up at Kings Cross on 7th July 2005

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