Wake up! Time to die!

… so says Leon to Deckard in Ridley Scott’s “Bladerunner” – just before he is about to kill him.

That was the opening line to my very first blog entry a few years ago.

Whilst staring at a bunch of flowers in a vase on my kitchen table I come to the conclusion that there are just too many things to do – and not enough time to do them. “Life’s too short to worry about xxx” was something an old friend of mine used to say to me every time I had a great new idea to pursue – and it always irritated me that did. All these years later his words sound almost theraputic.

The flowers will be dead in a week or so. Good karma is short-lived.

Flowers in bloom on my kitchen table – will be dead in about a week.
(By the way – you can see the fuzzy form of a new bag of atta [chappati flour] in the corner of the room!)

Some blogs are like that. They are born – and then they die. By now you’re probably thinking that this my final posting! I suppose it could be – but so could have the last one – or the one before that – or even the very first one. When it happens – I don’t think the end here will be declared. It will just have to be inferred.

The reason for this posting is to actually highlight a few recently born blogs (selfishly derived from my own sociable-work circle):

Rubi – the most energetic young lady I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing – she climbs mountains, jumps out of aeroplanes, party’s hard, and dabbles with Macromedia Flash. She is the original WAPQueen – she used to work for me – but now she works for the enemy. Her blog is here – but if you can tolerate her Macromedia Flash skills – then click here instead (cringe) – and try navigating to her blog from there.

And then there is Enrico Salad – his name is actually an anagram of that (he sometimes uses Oscar Denial though) – he sits only a few desks away – but I’m not sure if he’s just experimenting with his blog or not.

And finally David (from the other side of the floor) – who almost as geeky as I can get sometimes – but nowhere near as artistic – even though he likes Apple Mac whereas I don’t. He has just started blogging about his unwired life.

And a recently retired one – someone I never knew in real life at all:

Pewari May Be – but she’s now gone – one of the very first blogs in my blog-roll. I will miss her observations and stories of life as a parent of young children. Thanks for sharing them Pew – you will be sorely missed.

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