Happy Diwali

Best wishes to all those celebrating Diwali right now.

Happy Diwali – and all the best for the year ahead.

Diya courtesy of Anita (thanks for the gift Anita!)

At Diwali time – it is traditional to fill several of these earthenware/clay lamps with oil/ghee -and to use a cotton wick which is then set alight – and placed in various parts of the home e.g. window sills and dark corners in order to bring light, hope and optimism to the everyday surroundings.

But for convenience and reusability I found that these hand-made diyas were perfectly sized to accommodate “tea-lights” (small paraffin candles) purchased from IKEA – providing a great use for an otherwise useless but compelling purchase made from that store years ago – and they actually look kind of pretty too (even if they do begin to make your house smell of a petroleum refinery after a while.)

Wishing everybody celebrating Diwali a happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead.

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