Alien light pollution

A bright glow of upward-shining light has been visible in the night-time view of the Western horizon from my bedroom window. It only appeared in the last few days – the difference is quite noticable. I am completely puzzled as to what’s causing it – but by my reckoning – it’s probably situated in the Harrow town centre area – which is about 5 kilometres away. There’s no major football stadium around there – and it can’t be the shopping mall as that is a few clicks to the right and doesn’t light up anything like that.

If my imagination were to get carried away with itself I would say that aliens have landed in North West London:

Severe case of light pollution in the Harrow area of North West London
(As seen from my bedroom window through the twigs of the big tree in the foreground.)

Not protesting or anything, but I do feel that it’s a real shame that this has ocurred, as it just adds even more light to the overly-light-polluted skies of London. No wonder only the brightest handful of stars are visible in the night sky around here.

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