Peds Zing

Just some random stuff. Been spending too much time in traffic jams between Slough and North West London. It’s always a bit of a disappointing anti-climax to find out after an hour of slow crawl down the A40 going home in the evening outside of the rush hour that the thing that caused the massive jam is just a broken down van on the first lane of a three-lane stretch of the highway near Greenford flyover.

I don’t like driving – but when I have to there are a few things that keep me sane. Club Asia on the radio is one. Which you can also listen to on the Internet now. London’s fastest growing radio station. And for some reason – I am finding that when I am in the car – I prefer the sound quality on AM better than the sound quality on FM . I can’t explain why – but AM radio just sounds better suited to driving than FM.

Whilst sitting in a traffic jam the other day I had a flashback to some time when I was living in the US a few years ago when I first observed a road-sign at an intersection which had the words “Peds Xing”. I was completely flummoxed as to what the sign was about – and of course I was reading it literally – pronouncing it “Peds Zing“. Later I figured it was American road-sign code for “Pedestrians Crossing”. But every time I think of my times driving in the USA I think of Peds Zing.

Here in London we have BUS LANEs. In Manhattan I remember there being LANE FIREs. NYC drivers obviously always read the words painted on their roads backwards.

Top deck of my bus

Some bus drivers on Route 79 can’t be bothered to turn on the heating in the bus. That really annoys me. Especially as it’s been really cold lately – like sub-zero on some days. But I don’t feel too inclined to ask the bus driver to turn the heat on – just in case other people on the bus think I’m a bit of wimp.

I’ve noticed that more and more kids/youth on buses are playing their favourite music out loud on their mobile phones these days. Using the loudspeaker capability so that everyone on the bus can hear. I think this is annoying to fellow passengers – but I don’t really mind. Although the music is often quite tinny sounding – I think it livens up the atmosphere a little. Especially if the music is good enough to get you tapping your foot. But most of the time it’s incomprehendible rap or really embarassing Indian “filmi” tunes.

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