Up North

Spent a day or so of the Christmas break with family up North.

In London – the term “up North” means anywhere north of a London town called Watford – although I have to say that this term is used as a deliberate form of ignorance designed to upset “Northerners” who go about life believing that Londoners are completely self-centred and think that the universe revolves around London.

The gateway to “the North” is a the M1 motorway if you’re going by road – or Kings Cross St.Pancras if you’re going by rail.

When we woke up the next morning we discovered that it had snowed overnight. You just won’t believe how excited grown-up adults get when it snows:

Adults become children again when it snows

The car on the right (that you can see a bit of) is ours – the red Mini Cooper in front belongs to my sister.

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