Tube of tranquility

I love my local tube station. It’s located at one end of a country park designated as nature reserve of some significance. It’s hard to believe that a large open space typical of ancient Middlesex pasture and haymaking meadowland can be found in suburban London. Over the centuries, generations of local town planners have had the foresight to preserve some green spaces in the neigbourhoods of London and the people in my area are lucky to have one so close by. Although, had London been successful in it’s bid to host the 1988 Olympics our local country park would have been developed into the athlete’s village …

A few tranquil moments waiting for the tube train to arrive.
Kingsbury, London NW9. Jubilee Line, Zone 4.

Standing on the platform. There’s only six minutes between trains. But it’s six minutes of countryside tranquility. Insects, birds, butterflies and bees. If you’re in an unlucky six minutes, then the idyllic setting is sometimes punctured by a plane on a flight path in or out of Heathrow, or the wailing of a police siren on the High Street outside the station.

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