Have you lost a parrot?

Some would say that “blogging” is a phenomenon of the Internet age; of “New Media” and all that. But in actual fact we all know that it’s been around for a long time. “Citizen journalists” have left their mark everywhere, in every time. From prehistoric cave paintings, to the modern day “graf” that graces our urban landscape. Telling stories of life as hunter-gatherers, to life in a society with limited choice as to what channels to market ourselves through.

The Internet is simply plotting a trajectory through these classic human communication cycles:

Publish -> Interact -> Transact – > Collaborate

The “traditional” media forms still thrive in their uniquely localised forms. At the “publish” end of the spectrum it’s “For Sale” signs stuck on the rear and side windows of private cars parked in the suburbs. At the “collaborate” end of the spectrum it’s like geo-blogging:

Have you lost a parrot?
Message posted on a telephone pole in Kingsbury, London NW9.

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