Flying a flag

Less than a week until the World Cup football tournament kicks off and the sporting patriotism of car drivers in the neighbourhood is really beginning to show. This year it really is about showing your pride and support for our boys by sticking an England flag on either side of your car. Sales of these specially-made flags (which attach to your rear passenger car windows) are rocketing, so much so that even the guy who normally sells bucket-loads of roses on A40 Westbound off-ramp to the Hanger Lane Gyratory is now selling buckets-loads of England flags instead.

But like all these things there are exceptions to the rule. Multicultural London harbours multinational patriotism. And in my own neighbourhood there are certainly quite a few people who would not pass Norman Tebbit’s Cricket Test (remember that?). Tebbit’s context was “Asian” and “cricket” then. These days it’s more likely African or Eastern European and football.

Pride & support for the boys of Ghana national football team
On a car parked in Morrisons supermarket in Queensbury, London NW9

And these days it would be considered a failure by many in the community not to support the side of your place of origin.

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