Feet on seats

On many of London’s buses there is a set of seats at the back of the bottom and top decks – where there are seats that face each other. The really annoying thing is that some people think they have a God-given right to put their feet up onto the seats opposite. (See my flickr set for just a few examples of this very widespread, disrespectful behaviour.)

Most of the time it’s the younger folks who exhibit this total lack of respect for hygiene and general well-being of the bus and fellow passengers. I often feel sorry for those unfortunate fellow travellers who subsequently sit on those seats not knowing that the seat has probably been used more often to accommodate the filthy feet of the people than as a legitimate seating position.

And that’s exactly what I felt the other day when I noticed a respectful-looking old man coming onto the bus and sitting himself down in one of those “feet-up” soiled seats. What was even more horrifying was when an Asian girl came on a couple of stops later and sat almost opposite him and put her filthy feet up onto the seat right next to him!. I was shaking my head at the audacity of the woman. But nothing quite prepared me for the shock of seeing so-called respectful bloke get up a few minutes later (after disrespectful Asian woman gets off the bus) and switch seat and put his own feet up!

At first he seemed like a pretty respectful sort of bloke …

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