All lit up

Occasionally they test the lights at the not-yet-opened Wembley Stadium. It’s always a little exciting when they do – because I have to say that it looks quite beautiful when it’s lit up at night. They don’t keep the lights on for very long though. And a cameraphone is not the best cam to try to get a decent picture when the ambient lighting is low.

Wembley Stadium arch is switched on!
(Taken with cameraphone from bedroom window.)

Although it’s not so easy to spot – you can see a Route 79 bus on the road in the above pic.


It’s been too hot here in London recently. Too hot to do anything really. Definitely too hot to blog. And the temperature and humidity on the buses and tubes has been intolerable. Just makes you want to fall asleep.

Too hot to do anything but fall asleep here in London.
(Taken with cameraphone on Metropolitan Line southbound at Finchley Road tube.)

High ho Holborn

I’m sure not many could have escaped not knowing that Friday just gone was exactly a year to the day that many people in Central London experienced some really horrible things. Many would have been affected by what happened then, physically, mentally, emotionally. And many still were afterwards. I certainly was.

One year on I found myself having to be travelling into Central London for work using the tube. Destination High Holborn. As you would expect for a rush hour in the summer, the tubes were packed full of hot, sweaty people making their way to work. It might have been just me, but for a busy rush hour it did seem unusually silent in the trains though.

Watching people walking by on High Holborn.
(Taken with my mobile phone whilst sitting on a high-stool in the window of a Starbucks.)

Somos Azules

Is Spanish for “We are blue”. And is also the website for a special-interest community of like-minded professionals with some employee afilliation to the Telefonica group of companies.

This is an example of one of the great things about the current phase of the Internet; there are virtual communities virtually everywhere, catering for virtually anything. Places to share common values, beliefs and experiences.

Every topic or ideology catered for. From bulletin boards for people who love customising their obsolete Tivos, through sites for fans of Buffy The Vampire Slayer to photo-sharing pools for people who have a passion for garden water butts. You name it, there will be a community out there which is interested in it. The Internet makes it possible for people to come together around the most obscure of common interests.

The Internet is a truly remarkable thing.

Nokia 2110

Was clearing out my cupboard the other day and found an old mobile phone. My very first ever mobile phone in fact! The Nokia 2110. First used in 1995 and last used in 1996 (I think). I couldn’t help but laugh at the size and design!

Nokia 2110 – my first ever mobile phone.
(Pictured here next to a Nokia 6230 and a one pound coin for reference. Taken with a Nokia N80!)

Many thanks to the nice people at Somos Azules for making me post this!