The M1 & Pizza Dough

There is a motorway that heads north out of London called “the M1“. It stretches almost 200 miles into the northern suburbs. It can be quite frustrating when you’re crawling along in a major traffic jam on this road. It’s frustrating because you know you could be doing up 70mph instead. However, even when you’re doing speeds like that it can be quite stressful. Because unlike bus travel, you can’t just relax and admire the view; you have to stay alert and have your wits about yourself. Music with some solid Rhythm, Dohl and Bass will keep you awake.

It’s in between times like that, that I like to de-stress by doing something theraputic. Cooking is theraputic. It’s creative, harmonious and sensual. Nothing epitomises the theraputic nature of cooking than the making of pizza dough. It is an act that can only be performed gracefully and lovingly. Driving up and down the M1 to the making of pizza dough is like what bhangra is to a filmi love song.

Making pizza dough is an extremely theraputic act.
(All clips taken with my mobile phone on the M1 and in my kitchen.)

The M1 music is Desi Jatt by the fabulous Miss Pooja (and Harjit Heera). The pizza dough music is the track Silsile Mulaqaton Ke from the 2004 film Bardaasht. (You can hear the full song from an old article on these pages from ages ago.)