August happenings

Where did August go?

Some things that happened: I went to Westfield London shopping mall (and I actually liked it.) Our local Woolworths (Kingsbury Road) has become a fruit and veg shop called FruitAsia. And I travelled several times on the Jubilee Line from Kingsbury to Wembley Park. Click on a green button below to get some visual perspective into these events.

Some random happenings in August.
(All pictures taken in London with my cameraphone.)

5 thoughts on “August happenings

  1. Hmm went to Westfield a while ago – have to say I felt a little sorry for people around it – it does dominate the area – but inside they have done it well. Mad queue for the Ugg shop though …

  2. Cheers Bernie! 🙂

    Mark: yes it looks rather imposing in the area, but then again it seems to be located in the middle of a huge traffic junction.

  3. My daughter and I found your recipe for Lamb Rogan Josh and cooked it for dinner tonight. Her brother said it was the best curry he had ever tasted and he really likes his curries. Thank you very much indeed for sharing this really tasty recipe. (I tried to post this on the correct page but the server wouldn’t let me – sorry)

  4. Cheers Paul! And sorry for the broken link on the original page. Glad you and your family liked the Rogan Josh recipe!

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